Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bright Morning Sunlight And Raindrops On Petals...

I had travelled back home to South Wales the previous evening, through quite horrid driving conditions-very heavy sleet and poor visibility. During the night, the weather had thankfully eased and turned to rain, and just before dawn the rain had also ceased and the clouds cleared. 

As I awoke, I could hear the birds chattering away, and worried yet again that they might be looking for food, I went outside to resupply the bird feeders.

Thankfully no snow or even rain, but the air was crisp to say the least! 

In the clear blue early morning sky, the day’s sun arose and focused her light on some of the early spring bulbs which had flowered whilst I had been away. These delicate miniature flowers simply glowed in the early bright sunlight and some still had raindrops captured on their petals, just waiting to roll off...

These Iris have been the first to bloom. I think they are my Reticulata ‘Gordon’ Iris which I purchased a couple of years ago from Miniature Bulbs a lovely British company specialising in miniature bulbs. 

I have been tempted with many of their bulbs over the last few years as I just love the delicate structure and colour of the flowers. However, because of the very wet conditions here, I have to take great care in order that the bulbs do not succumb to rot. 

My best results have been those planted in containers that I keep on the front driveway which is south facing but rather ‘breezy’.

Others have been planted in the hanging baskets in the rear north facing garden. These take a few more weeks to emerge as the winter sunlight hardly rises enough around there to give them the sun’s warmth and light.

Given these growing conditions, it is truly wonderful when you do aspire glimpses of these little spring beauties...

An early start to my crocus season seems to be the Angustifolius ‘Bronze Form’ and, in the background, just emerging, are the leaves of one of my early tulips.

In these days when one seems plagued by stress, it is truly wonderful to be able to stop for just a few moments and just contemplate nature...

Even a simple drop of rain water on a newly furled petal can be a thing of absolute beauty...

And, after the dark of Winter, these early Spring flowers can give us such wonder-if only we will take the time to look what lies beneath our feet...


  1. Beautiful pictures! And you have some sunshine too... I hope the travelling conditions are better this coming week, because I have to go to Bristol three days in a row.
    (BTW: thanks for your concern over my health. A decent rest over the weekend will do me a lot of good.)

    1. Thank you Mark-from you that is a compliment indeed!

      It was so uplifting to have that bright sunny start to the day that I had to just try and capture a fraction of it.

      Unfortunately the weather here is going to deteriorate somewhat now as snow is forecast here for later on this afternoon and tomorrow. The birds in the garden, are frantically feeding, as I think they sense the change in the weather...good luck in your travelling next week...

  2. beautiful pictures and I agree nature has such a way of making the outside world stop and go away and bringing an inner calm. (like the blurry backgrounds)

    1. Thank you too Wobblymouse!

      As I am not very good really at taking decent photos, I listen to all advice and then just try to follow it to the best of my somewhat limited ability...

      I have had some extremely helpful advice-just a pity that when it comes to technology, I’m such a nincompoop!

      Yes that morning was a lovely serene moment-one to try to remember next time I feel stressed!!

      Thank you.

  3. Lovely your miniatures are so pretty thanks I needed a jolt of spring. lol

    1. Hi Dusty,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I do so love to get comments such as yours then at least I feel someone is reading my posts and that encourages me to carry on and continue...

      I do love my little miniature spring flowers and the splash of delicate colour they bring.

      We have had some snow early today which thankfully has now melted away so I hope they will be fine now...

      I imagine you have much warmer temperatures where you are...


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