Friday, 30 December 2011

Well it's a start...

My very first blog!

Inspired by all those wonderful Blogs I have now found myself reading-and boy can you spend hours reading them-I have decided to have a go myself!

I love food-growing, cooking and most definitely eating!!

So my New Year’s resolution is to join the Blogging World...

 If, on the extremely remote off chance that someone comes across this, then please be very gentle in any feedback/comments.

 I do not profess to have any great skill in gardening-I have a tiny, tiny plot,

Cooking-I rarely stick strictly to recipes

 And lastly computing skills-being one of the older generation who is trying desperately not only to learn- but just to keep up with it all...

The only thing I can claim to be any good at, after many years experience, is eating...


  1. Hi Green Dragonette, and welcome to the world of blogging! A highly-addictive, but very rewarding hobby - especially when combined with other genuine interests (in my case, gardening, photography and food and drink).
    Hope you make a success of it, and trust that we may have something in common. As a sign of my goodwill I'm signing-up as your first Follower, just in case you become famous! :-)

  2. Oh good grief! I am utterly surprised and delighted to get my very first comment-and so quickly after just a couple of hours of starting! Mark, your Blog is absolutely fantastic. Of all the Blogs I have found recently, yours is one of my very favourites with your informative comments on growing vegetables, the recipes and of course those wonderful photos...I am truly delighted you have taken the trouble to comment. Many thanks again Mark!
    Better get back now to adding to my fledgling Blog...


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